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[animating changing conditions using grasshopper]

One of the cool applications of the parametric modeling software Grasshopper is the ability to model changing conditions. In this case, a function is used to delete the points with the lowest elevation in sequence. The result is a diagram … Continue reading

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[a new urban entrepreneur]

Apparently the streets of New York have more to offer than meets the eye. This just goes to show how intricate and layered cities are; there’s always something new to discover. Reminds me a bit of the 99% invisible piece … Continue reading

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[Jerry’s Map]

Just watch, this is amazing. This man created his own world, his own city that quite interestingly has a life all its own. This gives new depth to the term “cognitive mapping”. via¬†explainedinsoothingvoice

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[the unknown city, our secret spaces]

I have secret spaces, don’t you? When most people, me included, think of public space, they think of a city’s parks, plazas, playgrounds, and riverfronts, but there is another layer of public space that surrounds us and defines us as … Continue reading

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