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[architecture in a disappearing environment]

Being in design school in southern Louisiana means that we’re almost constantly focused southward of Baton Rouge or New Orleans, on issues of coastal preservation, sustainability, and wetland protection. One of the most fascinating things about the coastal wetland is … Continue reading

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[parametric design and landscape architecture research]

It’s a concept of many names: whether you call it parametric, generative, associative, or responsive design, it’s all the rage these days among architects and urban designers, specifically within the emerging field of landscape urbanism. There are some small differences … Continue reading

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[oasis in the desert: the Amangiri resort and spa]

The 12 of us packed into our 12-passenger van, we rounded the hoodoo (the name for a large, freestanding sandstone monument in the desert), the first traces of a man-made structure coming into view. The road swung around the outside … Continue reading

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[post from Israel]

Post From Israel Israel is a nation of contradictions, tension, and beauty all converging in an area smaller than many U.S. states. The homeland and the focal point of most of the world’s religions, cultures, and civilizations, Israel has a … Continue reading

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[faking the world]

When visualizing as design in the landscape, it’s crucial to make it as realistic as possible. That’s what I’ve been learning in my Advanced Landscape Representation course. Given a picture of an environment, how do we model our design in … Continue reading

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[Jerry’s Map]

Just watch, this is amazing. This man created his own world, his own city that quite interestingly has a life all its own. This gives new depth to the term “cognitive mapping”. via¬†explainedinsoothingvoice

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[the unknown city, our secret spaces]

I have secret spaces, don’t you? When most people, me included, think of public space, they think of a city’s parks, plazas, playgrounds, and riverfronts, but there is another layer of public space that surrounds us and defines us as … Continue reading

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